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August 30, 2009


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Since I joined on deviantart I have been fascinated by many works.. Really nice works which have a lot of favourites and others which havent. I questioned myself why it could happen? Why works so wonderful and people so talented can be unknown in this community?
So, I decided to write this article.
For it, I sent this three questions for some pop artists:
- What's the secret to become popular?
- Why do some people become popular so fast, doing ordinary art, and others which do amazing art cant be popular?
- Is there any trick to become popular? Like watching a lot of people, faving everything you can, posting a lot of journals or promoting contests?

Some of them answered me so kindly and fast, others answered me in a way kinda rude and others didnt answer..
By now, I have some ideas, some quotes and I want to show you all information I got about it.
So, lets start:

First, I must say there are several ways to become popular. To make this article, I did a poll asking "What is the best way to get popularity on deviantart?" and asked a lot of people..
I got impressed about it: People think different about popularity and unfortunately I could notice that a lot of deviants are crazy about numbers and popularity. Deviantart for them, is not more about art, but about numbers. Its sad.

It doesnt look we have a specific secret. Of course, if your art is really good, if you give some time to your deviants friends or if you pay AdCast, popularity will come.
The question is: how much time will I take to become popular? Its a good question.
Time is good for some people but not for all. Three years of deviantart give you a lot of pageviews even if you are not talented/good. It depends but pageviews is not everything. The point is that you need spotlight to become popular! And I have some listed here:

:bulletgreen: Being a good artist: Its the most important thing to be recognized. Whats a good artist?
A good artist's someone who is always trying to improve his skills. He doesnt post just for updating. You can see the improvement in each new art;

:bulletgreen: Support: This is also a such essencial thing to be popular.
For reaching popularity what do you need? Comments, favourites, watch, etc.. from OTHERS. Yes, from others. It means that you have to be supportative and kindly with all deviants you can. My advice is that your main support was to unknown and new deviants, because almost always since they are humbler, they give you more feedback.
Dont give support for obligation, people figure out when you do it. Its fool;
p.s.: Dedications are for people who you like not for famous that you want support. Sometimes they are stupid. Its better giving support for your friends. Trust me.

:bulletgreen: Activity: Strongly linked with support, it means how active you are in this community. The more active and supportative you are, the more people will visit you and give you feedback. Being active includes things like giving favs, submiting news, journals, featuring friends, making polls, posting in forums, commenting in others deviations/journals/news, chatting, providing resources and other stuff like that;

:bulletgreen: Groups: Joining and submiting in groups is a really good way to difuse your art. Always join groups related with your art/style.. or you will have just a full inbox.

:bulletgreen: Daily Deviation: Its the most practical way to become popular but your skills have to be really awesome and originals. A featured as a daily deviation gives you the right to be on deviantart end's page for a whole day. Its a dream *-*

:bulletgreen: Contests: Promoting and participating of contests is also a nice way to get audience. Usually, when you post or promoting it, people visit your picture and your profile.

Please, consider that the main purpose of art is to appreciated and to be appreciated. Dont worry about numbers, favourites and comments.. popularity is just a consequence and humbleness is an essence.
For finishing, I selected some quotes from my collaborators which I think is pretty important:

[Eu consegui um bem maior, do que audiencia... conquistei amigos!]
"I got a better gift than audience.. I made friends!" - arianereis

[Acredito que o segredo é você ser você mesma e fazer o que gosta.]
"I believe that the secret is to be yourself and to do what you like." - Skategirl

"You need to network yourself and go out and make a lot of comments and favs. It takes a lot of time and effort but is well worth the wait." - TreLore

"There is not really a secret, it´s a ton of luck to catch the right moment for a submission or to have the mood in the art wich fits this community right now." - Villesgodgirl

"Overall i think there is no real key to becoming popular other than having a lot of luck and preferably a lot of talent." - ChrissieCool

"The only secret is to be good and work alot." - Natalie Shau

P.S.: Your comment is really appreciated.
Sorry for my English..
I wish you Good Luck.
Kisses. :kiss: :tighthug:
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Diamond-waterfalls Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Ok, I'm a random person who happened to see this, I've been wondering how people got popular here, I've been on this site for about a year, and I only have 16 watchers T-T, I feel like I'm in my high school (I only have two good friends T-T I'm not popular,CURSE YOU!  like in here) But thank you for uploading thisLove , it's helpful Hug 
hiyochii Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mhm, I totally understand ; v ; I was and still am sorta lost on this site =u=;; I've been here for around 8 months now, but I've gradually grown to not care about the numbers (99% of my art is OCs lol so I don't get many watchers who are there for the fandom)
Sometimes it depends on the quality of your art, sometimes it depends on the connections you have with other artists on the site.
Ofc, you never want to make friends with them just for the benefits! If all of your watchers are your friends, I think it's a lot more pleasing than having a lot of watchers but not knowing 80% of them. One of the best parts of dA is meeting new people, after all~
Don't be discouraged! Your art is coming along really nicely, so I hope you keep going!
Diamond-waterfalls Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2014  Student Interface Designer
hug I guess your right! Thank you very much! 5 seconds hug
My art is just a mix of random, I want to be part of a community :D but like I said my art is mix of random.
I do winx and anime art, while I'm a really big fan of sonic and some other stuff Sweating a little... I'm not even sure where to start :?
Cyberlitabot Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014   General Artist
Im the same way. 
there are time where i make originals and there are times where i make fan art. 
My art is random. 
Even my coloring is random.
I only have 21 watchers. 
Its not really big deal. 
I like to just share my art, my progress. 
I had another account 2 years ago that i deleted amd i think i improved a lot since then. 

Speaking of random. i hope i wasnt too weird to jump in. 
Diamond-waterfalls Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I saw some your, and you have done a fantastic job!
haha, it alright :)
Cyberlitabot Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014   General Artist
Thank you! XD yay! 
I like the five nights at freddies thing. XD
Diamond-waterfalls Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Cyberlitabot Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014   General Artist
The ones that you made. XD
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elcaide Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm still new in here and keep wondering why someone has so many views or watchers, even if he's just got here in DA for a very few months, or just submit a very few deviations (with lack of quality... ).
And when someone is faving my work, I go to their page to thank him then find out that he has a super huge favorite collections, and mine has been buried along with other faved artworks, within minutes! :o (Eek) (at some point, I kinda amazed how fast they fav stuffs xD)

I think I'll try joining groups and submit my artwork there, hope I can get more exposure. Meow :3 

Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful! :D (Big Grin)  
Aruival Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm struggling with this. I believe my art is nice, I'm polite to others, but I'm barely noticed while my friend with only 6 deviations has over 10,000 page views and 2,000 comments. Is my art not good enough? Is my style too childish?
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